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Last position: 39° 09' 2 Ν 23° 12' 8 Ε - Pagasitikos kolpos, GREECE



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Souterrain de Mont Billy, canal from river Aisne to river Marne, (F) 2302 m, 07.2007

Lock of CHATEAUNEUF (F) (Rhône) 8.2007

Port-Cros (F) 8.2007

Menton (F) 11.2007

Appr. Isola del Giglio (I) 5.2008

Sailing in the Inland Sea, Lefkas (GR) 09.2008

Hortó (Gr) , Nehalinnia at the small quay, the aim of our voyage, 09.06.2009

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From Nieuwpoort (B) to Hortó (GR). Kaat and Eric leave Nieuwpoort (B) on the 7th of July 2007 on their Fellowship 27'. The symbolic aim of their project is the small village of HORTÓ,  in the Volos bay in Greece. This website tells the voyage on a small sailing boat: the trip through France sailing the canals and the rivers Saône and Rhône, the trip along the French Med coast - the winter stop in Mention -, the trip along the Italian west-coast and to the islands. On the 13th of July 2008 they arrive in Greece. Early May 2009, after the wintering at Lefkas,  they start the trip to Horton. They cross the Corinth canal and the Saronic gulf, sail along the coast of the island Evia. On the 9th of June 2009 they reach the aim of the voyage: Nehalinnia is anchoring at HORTÓ! About three months later, on the 27th of August they return to Lefkas Marina where the boat winters again. The stay in Greece is prolonged by the lazy year 2010: the car which drives them to Greece after a short stay in Nieuwpoort, allows them to visit the Vikos Gorges and the Peloponnese. But leaving Greece seems to be very difficult: like the poet says "Leaving is dying a little". And there is the boat: the underwater hull needs an urgent and unexpected intervention. So they decide to stay longer in Greece. The return to Italy and France - passing by Corsica - will wait a little. Later, so they hope, they will complete the project by reaching Nieuwpoort, passing the canal du Midi, and sailing along the Atlantic coast and the Channel. Unless ... During the spring and the summer 2011 they discover the Kalarrytes region, Dion and the mount Olympos, and spend the month of August in Hortó during the Summer meeting. In 2012 after a rather hectic spring, Kaat and Eric spend the summer in Hortó: due to a technical problem, the time lost by this and the continuous heavy N-ly wind between the island of Evia and the mainland, they do not anymore succeed to sail the boat to Horto: a " boatless year " because Nehalinnia has to stay on the hard in Olympic Marina near Sounion. During the Spring of 2013 Kaat and Eric sail the boat to Horto in the Pagasitikos kolpos where they spend the summers from 2013, before going back for the winter to Nieuwpoort (B).

The photo-album tells the trip by numerous pictures. [updated 04.07.2014]


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Website pages in English : Home / Welcome page (19.03.24) [C]: Greece (19): the year 2023 (19.03.24) [N] & Greece (18): the de coronayears 2021-2022 (04.06.23) [C] & the TEPAI CRUISING TAX IMPLEMENTED since 09.05.2019 (19.03.24) [C] the DEKPA is repealed since 2020 -Kortom Regulations (13.01.24) Fotoalbum / Photo album Summer 2021 (05.06.23) [N]







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Content overview

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Welcome page and content overview

The boat

--> The story of a big frustration

The crew

The project


France (2007-2008)

1. To the Med: the canals, the rivers Saône and Rhône (2007)

--> Overview table, the harbours and the VNF-map

2.1 Along the French Mediterranean Coast (2007)

--> Overview and harbours

2.2 Menton, our winter stop (2007-2008)


Italy (2008)

3. Italy, the mainland and the islands (2008)

1. From Menton to Rome

2. From Rome to santa Maria di Leuca, and the crossing to Greece

--> Overview and harbours


Greece (2008- ...)

4.1.1 The Ionian, from Corfou to Lefkas and Fiskárdho (2008)

4.1.2 Wintering at Lefkas (2008-2009)

--> Overview and harbours

4.2 To the aim of our project, Horto, and the Aegean (2009)

--> Overview and notes about cruising and harbours click here



4.3 After the return from Hortó, autumn and winter 2009-2010

4.4 Spring, summer and autumn 2010

=> Spring and summer 2010 in the Ionian, sailings and trips by pictures

=> Kaat tells the story of a Greek breakdown!

=> One week in the Peloponnisos (October 2010)

4.5 Winter, spring, summer and autumn 2011

=> Explorations from Kalarrytes

=> The mount Olympos and the archeological area of Dion

4.6 Spring, summer and autumn 2012

=> Our short visit of Padova

=> Hortó 2012. When sailors become dilettante landlubbers ...

4.7 Spring, summer and autumn 2013

=> Our second short visit of Padova

=> From Olympic Marina to Horto

=> Summer 2013 in Hortó: between land and sea ...

4.8 Spring and Summer 2014

4.9 Spring, Summer and Autumn 2015

=> On the way to Greece: Ravenna (I) and its wonderful mosaics

4.10 Winter and Spring 2016

4.11 Summer and Autumn 2016

4.12 Winter and Spring 2017

4.13 The Summer of 2017

4.14 The Autumn of 2017

4.15 The Four Seasons of 2018

4.16 2019 ... ?

4.17: the corona years: 1. the year 2020

4.18: the corona years: 2. the years 2021 & 2022

4.19. The year 2023

Greek topics 2008-2013. News and gossip about and from Greece



Photo album ( Fotoalbum) - comment in English



Information about our preparation, charts, pilots, internet, weather, harbours, places, trips ... see in Kortom / Voyage and Cruising notes , part. in English



Overviews:from the sailings from Nieuwpoort to Hortó (2007-2009)



What happened before (1994-2006 overview by pictures)

( Boat restoration - Sailings: Nieuwpoort / U.K.: Brighton - Eastbourne / N-France: Normandie:: Dieppe, St-Valéry-en-Caux, Fécamp, Le Havre, Deauville, Dives, Ouistreham, Caen, Courseulles, Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue, Cherbourg / Channel Islands: Alderney, Guernsey, Sark, Jersey / France: N-Bretagne:: la rivière Le Trieux, l'Ile de Bréhat, Lézardrieux, Saint-Quay-Portrieux )




Porto Venere (I), looking to the Cinque Terrae 05.05.08

On the way from the Isola del Giglio to Porto Ercole (I) 23.05.08

Amalfi (I), 23.06.08


Tropea (I) 02.07.08

Nehalinnia on the way to Riposto (Sicilia I ), on the background the Etna 03.07.08

The aim of our voyage: Nehalinnia at the small quay of Hortó (Gr) 09.06.09






Welcome on the English pages of our website.

Our English and French speaking friends and readers will understand - so we hope - that it was impossible - and still for the moment - to translate the whole Dutch site.

The English pages are the almost full translation and equivalent of the original text in Dutch of the "Logboek" - an adaptation for the website of the ship's logbook.

"Fotoalbum" - Photo album - contains the pictures of our trip. Most pictures can explain more than words: so visit our "Photo-album"-pages by click here.

The pages in Dutch - "Boot", "Project" and "Bemanning" are now (2010) translated in English: Boat , Project, Crew.

"Kortom/Cruising notes is a more technical part - mostly in the three languages: we assemble our experiences and also the elements of preparation of the voyage, so you will find there also all our stops (canals) and harbours (Med) (now quite full translated). As our site is permanently under construction, you will find - probably soon - we hope so, all the information you were looking for!

Corrections concerning the language are very welcome!

Kaat and Eric.

Many thanks to ELS W., without her this website shouldn't exist.

They are sailing with us, alas, for some of them, " only their traces are still preceding us and illuminating our way " ... : L.V., D.B.-V., A.E., M.K., R.K., J.&M.B., R.B., R.D., G."dH", sailing with us too, sailors B.M.,H.J., J.H., A.K., E.V.& O.C., and our son Olivier.







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Kalarrytes Sto Napoleon June 2011





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