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4. Greece 11

Some lazy Years in Greece (8):

Summer and Autumn 2016



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June 21 th ... Summer !






Jack's first Greek Summer ...








Kaat and Olivier at sunrise in Potistika




















Summer Events and Feast of the village



32nd Festival Horto Pilion - Summer events and performances




When days are shortening and Autumn arriving ...










Rest time for our boat ...










Autumnal Variations









Not all dogs (as well as the equally or more nnumerous cats) get the attention which village dog KIKA gets. The huge majority stray dogs and cats are usually left to their own devices and are often the victims of road accidents. It lacks the by critical financial problems plagued Greek authorities of having a policy that combine animal welfare, hygiene and safety. Local initiatives arise here and there within foreign residents groups or by individuals.

In our South Pilion region an even commendable as urgently necessary initiative has been taken this autumn, after some painful events, with the creation of the platform Give-Strays-a-Chance [ http://give-strays-a-chance.org ]


Returning home



On board on the F/B KYDON





Snow showers followed by heavy rains accompany us on the way back and to the Belgian winter climate!

As every year a rather painful adaptation ...







We saw, heard and were told that ...

SUNSAILBASE MILINA/VATHOUDI CLOSED: Due to changes in the Sunsail-offer in Greece the base of Milina-Vathoudi is closed since 2014. The pontoons inc. water- and power supplies, and showers have been removed.

NEW: A&C YACHTING MILINA: The former managers of the base, Andy and Christine, have started in 2014 their own charter company; they are operating with two boats based in the small harbour of Milina: A&C Yachting Milina ( http://www.ac-yachtingmilina.com ); they provide also technical support, engine repairs, diving works like mooring maintenance etc., and assistance Tel:  +30 2423 065597, Mobile:  +30 693 7262731

MILINA: At the present time limited water and power supplies only in this small harbour.

DEKPA: since 2014, but definitely 2015, DEKPA is required for boats from 7m and not from 10m as it was before ( Coast Guard / Port police ) 30 euro, one stamp/year; more information see website Cruising Association ( http://www.theca.org.uk/news/greektax ) DEKPA HAS BEEN REPEALED SINCE SEASON 2020


CRUISING TAX (TPP): despite the law has been voted, the application decrees were not published; the tax is at the present time not due; more information see website Cruising Association ( http://www.theca.org.uk/news/greektax ) TEPAI CRUISING TAX IS EFFECTIVE SINCE 2019

Update 2016


The GREEK TAXNUMMER Α.Φ.Μ. [A.F.M.]: an other - significant ! - experience with the Greek bureaucracy

The so-called taxnumber Α. Φ. Μ. [A.F.M.] is a national number (in Belgium the identification number in the National Register of Natural Persons is officially called national register number ) or - in some countries - a social security number. From the age of 18 years all Greeks have the obligation to get a taxnumber

The Α. Φ. Μ. [A.F.M.] consists of 9 digits.

Until a few years ago, a taxsnumber was not required for a non-resident foreigner who was staying in Greece little longer than a short touristic period but not involved by contractual services (e.g. a phone and or internet account ). In matters where a taxnumber was required, for example to obtain a DEKPA, it was allowed - and it's still - to fulfil some formalities with the help of a willing Greek friend.

So our Greek friend accompanied us in Volos, first to the Office of the Port Police/Coastguard to fill up the request form, then to the Tax Office in order to pay the tax of 29.35 euro. A temporary and to this matter limited statement for the use of his taxnumber saved us the procedure to obtain a personal taxnumber.

This approach is still possible.

The whole issue of tax discipline and tax collection has, however, led to the fact that a personal taxnumber is more and more required: so to obtain a DEKPA, for the conclusion of a contract e.g. with an internet and / or mobile/phone provider, when renting a house or apartment, to purchase an insurance, in order to register a vessel under Greek flag or a motor vehicle, and even to pay a fine. In short, in most contractual issues or actions when the Greek administration is directly or indirectly involved.

In 2008 arriving in Greece after our Italian coasts sailings we could get a VODAFONE internet account only by Direct debit of our credit card without having a personal taxnumber but by providing also a cruising statement issued for this purpose by the K&G marina in Corfu. The other phone and internet providers - COSMOTE, WIND - required a private taxnumber.

How it works:

- visiting a local tax office, department Delivery Taxnumbers Α. Φ. Μ. [A.F.M.] with our ID card or passport

- filling up the monolingual-Greek form

- being accompanied by a free chosen Greek representative or submitting a (legalized) certificate containing his identity data; the representative must be registered in the tax area ( e.g. Magnesia ) where the taxnumber is requested ( e.g. Volos ); in fact the representative acts as an known and having his home in Greece contact person for the administration




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