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4. Griekenland 16. Zomaar enkele jaren langer in Hellas (13):

2019 ... ?

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4. La Grèce 16. Vagabondages en pays hellénique (13):

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4. Greece 16. Some lazy Years in Greece (13):

2019 ... ?










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Alpe d'Huez (F)







Waiting for our close return to Greece ....



Nieuwpoort (B)



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Link to METEO GR SAILING MAP http://www.meteo.gr/meteoplus/sailingmaps2.cfm


Link to POSEIDON FORECAST MAP http://www.poseidon.hcmr.gr/sailing_forecast.php?area_id=naeg












( Yearly stamp from 2018 )

The yearly stamp must be obtained at the port police offices

- before the ( expiry ) date of the previous stamp ( cases of 500 euros fines are reported )

- by delivery of the application form ( ΑΙΤΗΣΗ ) obtained at the port police office

- by submitting the original boat documents AND by delivery of the copies of : registration document + insurance certificate incl. the special document for Greece + the ICC + ID card or passport

- in case of more than one boat owner, ( all ) copies and application form for each owner


Our experience

UPDATE November 2017 :

Our request at the Port police office in VOLOS to get a stamps before leaving for the winter and to avoid a possible delay next year if we should reach Greece later than the limit date for the renewing of the stamp ( !!! ) of our DEKPA, has been refused by the coast-guard officer ... as it seemed her toο early ... " let's say in two or three months ... " - a very personal interpretation in the chaotic, and self feeding labyrinth of the Greek bureaucraty ... while in LEFKADA the stamp has been done in comparable circumstancies ! Τι θα κανουμε ? !

UPDATE April 2018 :

After a lot of discussions with the port police in VOLOS and contacts with other CA-members and a last meeting with the ( also well speaking French ) port police / tourist officer ( 24213.53830 ) it is clear that the procedure for the yearly stamp is now still more complicated by still more paperwork ( the yearly submit of boat document copies ) but ... unavoidable !

If - finaly - Greece is, by this too, on the way to shoot in her own feet, is at this moment an open question, but the risk exists that the bureaucracy will at the end stifle any hope for this country !

At the same moment we read messages telling how simple it was to get the yearly stamp e.g. in Gouvia ( marina ) ...


- for all boats of 7 m LOA and more, a DEKPA is required

- all previous versions of DEKPA expire on the 01/01/2017, making a new DEKPA should be requested

- procedure ( SINCE 2017 !!! )

important update:

for obtaining the DEKPA non-Greeks must no longer have a so-called tax number Α. Φ. Μ.


1. requesting a DEKPA at the port police/coast guards office when presenting the original boat papers the applicant will receive two forms; the first form should be completed by the applicant for the DEKPA (the form is bilingual GR/ENG and should be filled up with the identity information of the applicant (here you can possibly fill in your tax number Α.Φ.Μ.) and the identification data of the vessel ( if more than one person owns the boat then for each owner a form has to be filled up); the second form is in fact a request document for obtaining a eΠαραβολο authorization (e-Paravolo: electronic administrative fee) that has to be withdrawn at the ΚΕΠ ( KEP : administrative assistance service to citizens )

2. at the ΚΕΠ submitting the request document and his identity card or passport ( in the case of more than one owner, one of them ) - the applicant will get (immediately! ) the eΠαραβολο document with which he can pay the amount of 50.00 euros in the bank of his choice

3. the applicant returns to the port police/coast guards office to introduce his DEKPA request, presenting the bank receipt and the eΠαραβολο, the photocopies of the required documents ( identity card/passport, ICC, registration document of the boat, certificate of insurance ) and the duly completed form concerning the applicant and the boat


Our experience: we passed through the whole procedure in VOLOS in about two and a half hours: we had luck at the ΚΕΠ - we realized it only when we saw the long queue behind us - , making the photocopies in a very well equipped print centre close to the ΚΕΠ went smoothly - we made spare copies of any document (you never know here ! )- , in the ALFA bank the queue for the four ΤΑΜΕΙΟ counters was quite short (we first entered into three other banks, but we were desperate when we saw the huge number of waiting people !) , each time we were the only visitors at the coast guards office and the competent young lady was to the point in fluent English! Due to the long Greek Easter weekend, we have to wait a whole week before we can pick up the DEKPA document ...


2. The largely announced and commented project of a CRUISING TAX ...



At the end of last year it seemed that finally, after many delays the CRUISING TAX could be a reality from the 1st of JANUARY 2018. But finally in spring 2018 nobody speeks anymore about it ...


From what we have read - mainly thanks to the CRUISING ASSOCIATION, https://www.theca.org.uk/home - we understand that these should be the amounts and the conditions / the way the new tax " should " be paid if it is implemented ... on one day .

- all private pleasure and commercial boats - irrespective of their flag - within the Greek territorial waters

- idle boats are exempted

- the tax is calculated on current annual or current monthly basis

LOA up to 8 m: EUR 20 / month ( from 7 m ? )
LOA over 8 m and up to 10 m: EUR 30 / month
LOA over 10 m and up to 12 m: EUR 40 / month
LOA over 12 m: EUR 10 / metre / month

- discount 50% for the commercial boats and cruise ships subject to exclusive commercial use.
- discount 10% if the tax is paid on December or January for 1 whole year.

- the tax is to be paid at the port police office ( perhaps by the same way as the DEKPA ) or the tax office or the customs office.

- the paid tax is valid for multiple entrance during the period paid

-if the tax is not paid : prohibition of navigation + fines :
LOA over 7 m and up to 8 m: EUR 240
LOA over 8 m and up to 10 m: EUR 360
LOA over 10 m and up to 12 m: EUR 480
LOA over 12 m: EUR 1500


Weersvoorspelling HORTO, Magnesia, GREECE


====> More information see website Cruising Association ( http://www.theca.org.uk/news/greektax ) - a high recommended membership for every cruising sailor !


REGULARLY UPDATED ========================================================================================================

And still ...

SUNSAILBASE MILINA/VATHOUDI CLOSED: Due to changes in the Sunsail-offer in Greece the base of Milina-Vathoudi is closed since 2014. The pontoons inc. water- and power supplies, and showers have been removed.

NEW: A&C YACHTING MILINA: The former managers of the base, Andy and Christine, have started in 2014 their own charter company; they are operating with two boats based in the small harbour of Milina: A&C Yachting Milina ( http://www.ac-yachtingmilina.com ); they provide also technical support, engine repairs, diving works like mooring maintenance etc., and assistance Tel:  +30 2423 065597, Mobile:  +30 693 7262731

MILINA: At the present time limited water and power supplies only in this small harbour.



an other - significant ! - experience with the Greek bureaucracy


The so-called taxnumber Α. Φ. Μ. [A.F.M.] is a national number (in Belgium the identification number in the National Register of Natural Persons is officially called national register number ) or - in some countries - a social security number. From the age of 18 years all Greeks have the obligation to get a taxnumber

The Α. Φ. Μ. [A.F.M.] consists of 9 digits.

Until a few years ago, a taxsnumber was not required for a non-resident foreigner who was staying in Greece little longer than a short touristic period but not involved by contractual services (e.g. a phone and or internet account ). In matters where a taxnumber was required, for example to obtain a DEKPA before the 1st of January 2017 , it was allowed - and it's still - to fulfil some formalities with the help of a willing Greek friend.

So our Greek friend accompanied us in Volos, first to the Office of the Port Police/Coastguard to fill up the request form, then to the Tax Office in order to pay the tax of 29.35 euro. A temporary and to this matter limited statement for the use of his taxnumber saved us the procedure to obtain a personal taxnumber.

The whole issue of tax discipline and tax collection has, however, led to the fact that a personal taxnumber is more and more required: so for the conclusion of a contract e.g. with an internet and / or mobile/phone provider, when renting a house or apartment, to purchase an insurance, in order to register a vessel under Greek flag or a motor vehicle, and even to pay a fine. In short, in most contractual issues or actions when the Greek administration is directly or indirectly involved.

In 2008 arriving in Greece after our Italian coasts sailings we could get a VODAFONE internet account only by Direct debit of our credit card without having a personal taxnumber but by providing also a cruising statement issued for this purpose by the K&G marina in Corfu. The other phone and internet providers - COSMOTE, WIND - required a private taxnumber.

How it works:

- visiting a local tax office, department Delivery Taxnumbers Α. Φ. Μ. [A.F.M.] with our ID card or passport

- filling up the monolingual-Greek form

- being accompanied by a free choosen Greek representative or submitting a (legalized) certificate containing his identity data; the representative must be registered in the tax area ( e.g. Magnesia ) where the taxnumber is requested ( e.g. Volos ); in fact the representative acts as an known and having his home in Greece contact person for the administration



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