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Van Lefkas naar Horto en de Egeïsche Zee, en terug naar Lefkas, een overzicht

(havens en navigatie)

De Lefkas à Horto et la Mer Egée, puis retour vers Lefkas, un aperçu

(ports et navigation)

From Lefkas to Horto and the Aegean Sea, and back to Lefkas, an overview

(harbours and navigation)



From Lefkas to Horto  

Planning 2009. Vertrek uit / dép. début mai de / dep.early May from LEFKAS begin mei / / - Ithaka - Mesolongi - Patras - N.Trizonia - Galaxidi / Itea - Korinthos - pass. Corinth Canal - Aegina - C. Sounion - Olympic Marina / Lavrion - N. Petali - Voufalo - Chalkis(N Evvoia) - doorvaart Chalkisbrug (nacht ) / passage pont de Chalkis (nuit) / passage Chalkis bridge (night) - Limni - Orei canal - Pagasitikos Kolpos (gulf of Volos) - Horto [39°11'20N 023°12'70E!]; vertrek uit HORTO richting Lefkas Marina: eind augustus. départ de HORTO vers Lefkas Marina: fin août.; departure fron HORTO to Lefkas Marina: at the end of August.

Volg de volle rode lijn op het kaartje; uiteindelijk beslissen we niet naar de Noord-Sporaden te gaan / suivez le trait continu rouge sur la carte; finalement nous déciderons de ne pas aller dans le Sporades du Nord) / follow the full red line on the chart; finally we decide not to sail to the North-Sporades.




To Horto (31°11'20N 023°12'70E) and the Aegean Sea, : 07.05.09: LEFKADA > VATHI (Ithaka), 30nm, 10H15-16H15 / 08.05.09: VATHI > MESSOLONGHI, 38nm, 08H30-16H15 / 10.05.09: MESSOLONGHI > NAFPAKTOS / N. TRIZONIA, 25 + 11nm, 08H30-17H00 / 11.05.09: N. TRIZONIA / 12.05.09: N. TRIZONIA > GALAXIDI, 20,7 nm, 08H30-12.45 / 13.05.09: GALAXIDI / 14.05.09: GALAXIDI > KORINTHOS, 37,4 nm, 06H45-14H30 / 15.05.09: KORINTHOS > CORINTH CANAL > N. AEGINA, 27,2 nm, 06H45-14.00 / 18.05.09: N. AEGINA > VATHY (Chersonisos Methanon, Peloponnisos), 12,3 nm, 09H20-12.15 / 19-22.05.09: VATHY / 23.05.09: VATHY (Chersonisos Methanon, Peloponnisos) > OLYMPIC MARINA (Lavrion), 40,7 nm, 07H10-15H25./ 24.05.09: OLYMPIC MARINA (Lavrion) > VOUFALO anchorage (Evia), 38,7 nm, 08H00-15H45 / 25.05.09: VOUFALO anchorage (Evia) > CHALKIS (Evia), 28,5 nm, 08H00-14H25 / Chalkis townbridge passage 25.05.09 at 22H30 / 26.05.09: CHALKIS (Evia) > LIMNI (Evia), 21,5 nm, 09H35-13H30 / 01.06.09: LIMNI (N. Evvoia) > LOUTRA AIDIPSOS (N. Evvoia) 15,6 nm, 09H35-13H00 / 02.06.09: LOUTRA AIDIPSOS (N. Evvoia) > OREI (N.Evia) 27,9 nm, 07H20-13H00 / 09.06.09: OREI (N.Evia) > HORTO (Ormos Vathoudi, Chersonisos Magnisias) 20,1 nm, 08H20-13H00 : 394,6 NM

A summer at HORTO and O.VATHOUDI , Chersonisos Magnisias, Pilion (09.06.09-27.08.09)

and back to Lefkas Marina: 27.08.09: Hortó (Ormos Vathoudi, Chersonisos Magnisias) > Orei (N.EVIA) 21,5 NM, 07H15-11H45 / 28.08.09: Orei (N.EVIA) > Limni (N.EVIA) 38,1 NM, 07H15-14H15 / 29.08.09: Limni (N.EVIA) > Chalkis (N-side bridge) (N.EVIA) 22,8 NM, 07H15-11H40 / 30.08.09: Chalkis (S-side bridge, S-harbour) (N.EVIA) > Voufalo (N.EVIA) 28 NM, 07H15-12H45 / 31.08.09: Voufalo (N.EVIA) > Olympic Marina, near Lavrion (mainland, ATTIKA) 37,6 NM, 06H15-13H30 / 03.09.09: Olympic Marina, near Lavrion (mainland, ATTIKA) > N. Aegina, 37 NM, 07H10-14H30 / 04.09.09: N. Aegina > Korinthos (Peloponnisos) 27,3 NM, 07H00-13H20 / 05.09.09: Korinthos (Peloponnisos) > Korinthos (Peloponnisos) 27,2 NM, 06H50-12H30 (!!!) / 10.09.09: Korinthos (Peloponnisos) > Galaxidi 35,8 NM, 06H50-14H00 / 16.09.09: Galaxidi > Messolonghi 50 NM, 06H45-16H30 / 21.09.09: Messolonghi > Vathi (N. Ithaka) 36,6 NM, 08H00-15H45 / 22.09.09: Vathi (N. Ithaka) > Lefkas Marina ( N. Lefkada) 26 NM, 09H00-14H30 : 387,9 NM

LEFKAS -> HORTÓ ( oversummering: 79 days ) -> LEFKAS: 782,5 NM - 139 days



Click here to see more pictures of our sailing to HORTO in the photoalbum



07.05.09: Lefkada > Vathi ( N. Ithaka), 30nm, 10H15-16H15.

Vathi (N. Ithaka):


quay, anchor bow/stern to, no facilities, poss. water and fluel by mini-tanker, dusty, road works in the whole village at our passage (May!!!), small marina crowded by rental and flotilla-boats, restaurants, bars, cafés, shops, pharm., alg. beoord.: middelmatig-ontgoochelend / appr.gén.: moyen-décevant / overal feeling: medium, disappointing, 07.05.09: update 21.09.09: showers at Hotel Mentor in the E corner of the harbour, 3 euro, very crowded alg. beoord.: middelmatig / appr.gén.: moyen / overal feeling: medium

08.05.09: Vathi > Messolonghi, 38nm, 08H30-16H15.

Mesolongi ( Messologhi ):


pontoons and quays, 2 watertaps, no electricity, we got (free) showers at the small yachtclub just out of the marina (still many thanks!); mooring free on our visit: a new ambitious project is developping, but we have some doubt about the finishing see www.messolonghimarina.com (NL-GR management); overal feeling: good; town at 20' walk straight away to the end passing the coastguards, then straight away on the left, behind the church, very well lively town, nice restaurantsrestaurants ( f.i. Philoxenia, good food and nice welcome ) and nice terraces ( f.i. Byron café). and terraces (Byron at the mainsquare), Sm, shops & pharm., shipchandler, nice Museum Diexodos is worth a visit, Bancomat, @ internetcafé, alg. beoord.: middelmatig, aangenaam verrast door het stadje/ appr.gén.: moyen - la ville nous a agréablement surpris overal feeling: medium - the town was unexpected very pleasant 08.05.09

update 16.09.09: MESSOLONGHI MARINA: the developping works (450 berths and all services planned) are on the way, the marina office is almost finished and is operating, two toilets and two showers are in use at the office; watertaps and electricity at about 17 berths, watertaps at the acces to each pontoon but the electric supplies are waiting for connecting ( a few weeks, we were said ) so now the harbour is in full darkness at night, at one pontoon there are already laid-moorings, a second toilet and showerblock is in construction, a lot of boats plan to winter here (moored or ashore, new boat cradlles), winter 2009 prices( min. 50% less than in the marna's or shipyards at Lefkas or Preveza ) avaible www.messolonghimarina.com, info@mesolonghimarina.com, in Greece (YiannesAngelopoulos): phone +30.26310 25232, mob. +30 694533 41 71 fax +30 26310 27120; inernat. contact (Jo Mennen) + 31 20 531 75 79 mob. +31.6 536 736 12; berthing, use of toilets, showers and water was still free; if wintering the distance to town ( +- 20') could be a problem; taxi marina to town 3 to 4 euro dep. tel. 2631022623 or 2631022655 ; alg. beoord.: goed / voorzichtig positief t.o. dit erg ambitieus project, / appr.gén.: bien - prudemment positif vis-à-vis de ce projet très ambitieux overal feeling: good / cautiously positif concerning this very ambitious project internet: wifi / pc at internetcenter Virtual reality in town, in front of good restaurant Philoxenia, in the pedestrian area, he quay; some sailors could pick up in the marina, by an external wifi-antenna, the signal of the free Public Wifi-hotspot in use 24/24H

10.05.09: Messolonghi > Nafpaktos / N. Trizonia (10-12.05.09), 25 nm+ 11nm, 08H30-17H00.


Nafpaktos: nice, but very small harbour, silting, alg. beoord.: middelmatig-ontgoocheld / appr.gén.: moyen- déçus / overal feeling: medium, disappointed: crowded with small boats at our passage 10.05.09



N. Trizonia: unfinished marina, K/quay, pontoons, 1 watertap, we got water at the first taverna on the right, internet-wifi café with gd welcome, alg. beoord.: middelmatig/goed, mooie site / appr.gén.: bien/moyen, beau site, overal feeling: good/medium, nice place 10.05.09

12-05.09: N. Trizonia > Galaxidi (12-14.05.09), 20,7 nm, 08H30-12H45.



townquay now finished, anchor bow or stern to, W&E, ask passing employee or fluelman (mini-tanker) Gribas Photis (for Itea & Nafpaktos too) tel. 22650. 42250, mob. 6977682576 & 6936950716; we got showers at the small, hotel Poseidon (mainstreet, small square) 4,- euro/shower, pharm. & shops & Sm, restaurants, cafés, bars, Bancomat, selff-declared contact person -yacht information Angelos, mob.+30.6932777600 (Engl. sp.) www.galaxidigreece.com, alg. beoord.: zeer goed, mooie site / appr.gén.: très bien, beau site, overal feeling: very good, nice place 12.05.09

update 10.09.09: while in May we got a reciept for the payement of 6 euro water & electricity it was impossible to get one this time from Gribas Photis, the now self-declared "shipping service water & diesel 24 hours"-man (according his new card); we had to pay for berthing (8m50x0,30euro)+(8m50x0,36euro p/day) at the Port Police (incl.control papers, crewlist and insurance!) this all seems to be depending of the police(wo)man in service! ; nice restaurants: To barco tis Maritsas, a little more sophisticated, at the quay; cheaper Albatros, simple home cooking, Greek cuisine, higher in town near the smaller St Paraskevi church; gd welcome too at Café Liberty, at the quay nice, small dishes, rooms ( 45 euro) with A.C and TV all the year, tel. 22650 41209; the harbour should be very crowded in August, also by big (mega) motoryachts (recent); at our stay there were 3 yachts > 25 m!; not so confortable by N(E) winds; all café and restaurants should allow free use of toilets; internet: wifi at OK café and at Politeia café at the quay; free Public Wifi-hotspot in use 24/24H good signal at the quay, small login form(s) (in Greek!) by copying the autom. generated password and a pers. login (name)

14.05.09: Galaxidi > Korinthos, 37,4 nm, 06H45-14H30.


Korinthos: K/quay, some pontoons, some laid moorings/buoys, a few watertaps at the quays, nno management, some restaurants on the right, behind the carparking, new restaurant Mediterané, Ag. Nikolaou 29, W of the yachtharbour, between the parking and the commercial harbour, tel. 27410 73232 5, very gd quality/price, very clean, take-away; middle-large but very noisy town with all shops and services, Bancomats, alg. beoord.: middelmatig-ontgoocheld / appr.gén.: moyen, déçus / overal feeling: medium, disappointed,

14.05.09 update 07.09.09: few space, with all strong N-ly winds unconfortable, savest berth at the heads of the wooden pontoons, rolling at the S-quay, dangerous to use your anchor at the W-quay (chains at the bottom); we had to pay for berthing (8m50x0,30euro)+(8m50x0,45 euro p/day) at the Port Police (incl.control papers, crewlist and insurance!, although we had to stay 6 days due to the bad weather, the payment for only one day was ok; this all seems to be depending of the police(wo)man in service! internet: pc / wifi at internetcenters / cybercafés in town, wifi hotspot at Haagen Dazs café, 1st pedestrian street on the right in the mainstreet perpendicular to the harbour, login + password (one hour) for one drink; foreign newspapers at the tabacco/bookshop on the right in the beginning of the mainstreet.

15.05.09: Korinthos > Corinth Canal > N. Aegina (15-1805.090, 27,2 nm, 06H45-14H00.

Corinth Canal:


call Canal Authority VHF 11, tel. 2741030880, no passage on Tuesday, tax office at the E-side, we have paid 95,20 euro with our credit card for our 8,50m boat, a 12m boat 170 euro. 15.05.09 update 04.09.09: following our passage in May, no new paperwork, according the computer data we had to pay the same amount of 95,20 euro.

N. Aegina:


quay N (town side), quay S (yachtclubside), little private marina too, but you can still try to get a berth here, B: berthtax & W & E: tel. mention. & employee pass. morning and evening to pay, * 13,64 euro for 3 nights, 1 free watertap in the fishing harbour just nearby, we got showers at the hotel (behind the church and the square near the small fishing boats, 6,- euro/shower!!!; G: fluel by mini-tanker Takis Ladas BP tel. 22970 22708-28135 mob. 6972 071912, boatyard Asprakis mob. 6945929570, 6944510033, tel. +30 22970 23925, incl wintering, www.asprakis.gr, gregory@asprakis.gr, notis@ath.forthnet.gr, gd restaurant Ouzeri Tsias at the N-quay, at the yachtclub (S-quay) we have eaten very well too, Bancomats, shops, Sm, pharm., @-internetcafé, alg. beoord.: middelmatig, heel druk tijdens WE / appr.gén.: moyen, / overal feeling: medium, very buzy during WE 15.05.09

update 03.09.09: the harbour was very crowded on our return, we just found a little space bowto at the townquay, sqeezed between two > 40'; many charterboats; very noisy the whole night; again good dinner at ouzeri Tsias; we had to pay 6,67 euro for one night, water & electricity were avaible by cards min. 20 euro with 10 euro deposit (so, not!!!).alg. beoord.: middelmatig? slecht, heel druk, buitensporige voorzieningen / appr.gén.: moyen / mauvais , bondé, équip. pix non-réalistes!, / overal feeling: medium/ bad , very buzy, prices services non-realistic.

18.05.09: N. Aegina > Vathy (Chersonisos Methanon, Peloponnisos) (18-23.05.09), 12,3 nm, 09H20-12H15.



(Chersonisos Methanon, Peloponnisos): very nice small fishing harbour, K/quay, H, B, W, E, anchor stern or bow to, now passage of flotilla's (then very crowded), 4 taverna's, nice welcome at To Limanaki, we got showers there so we were there for all, our meals and drinks!; harbourmaster Costas, tel.22980 92785, mob.6977246691, * 4,- euro excl. W& E, the walk along the coast to the ancient akropolis and the Volcano-trip are really worth thre visit, ask Soula at To Limanaki (rooms/app. to let too, 22980 92948 & 22980 92315); two restrictions in our opinion: first severe gusts, care must be taken for your anchor holdig due the mediocre holding, and second, the full crowded harbour by flotillas!!! beoord.: goed / appr.gén.: bien / overal feeling: good 18.05.09

23.05.09: Vathy (Chersonisos Methanon, Peloponnisos) > Olympic Marina (Lavrion), 40,7 nm, 07H10-15H25.

Olympic Marina:


(1M S from Lavrion): VHF chan 9 (24/24H), reservation 08.00-21.00, tel. + 30.22920 63705, fax +30.22920 28014); very good shelter, harbourmaster, laid moorings / catways / quay, complete marina with all facilities W & E (showers free), G, shipyard, shipchandler, one café-restaurent with free Wi-fi (but no other restaurant in the vicinity, you have to go to Lavrion) , small shop (otherwise: Lavrion), Bancomat, washm. coin 5 euro and dryer coin 5 euro, poss. renting a car ( ask marina reception); www.olympicmarine.com; olympicmarine@internet.gr; overall feeling *48,79 euro + E & W dep. use, alg. beoord.: goed, erg "botenparking" mooie site / appr.gén.: bien, fort "parking à bateaux" / overal feeling: good, but very "boat parkplace" 23.05.09 update 31.08-03.09.09: Taxi to Lavrion (dangerous road, without footpath, about 4 km): 5 euro (ask marina reception or phone: 2292 0 24244, mobile 6974 942 901 (after 11p.m.: make your reservation before !!!!); again we got a good welcome at the marina, but we made a reservation by phone the day before; we paid the same price as in May (48,79/day + W/E magn. credit 9 euro/ 3 days);

the harbour of Lavrion, where we went three times walking seems us an horror between: the different charterboats/companies, the very noisy quay(s), the numerous cafés, the crazy joy-riding motor and cardrivers during night and ... the swell; neighbours in the marina were "running away" after one sleepless night;

24.05.09: Olympic Marina (Lavrion) > Voufalo ( N. Evvoia), 38,7 nm, 08H00-15H45.

Voufalo (N.Evia):


all round shelter, nice A in 6-8 m deep, good holding in mud/sand, dangerous motorboat wreck in the middele of the anchorage at about 2m deep, some taverna's, the first on the right was simple but good, alg. beoord.: goed, rustig, mooie site / appr.gén.: bien, calme, beau site / overal feeling: good, quiet, nice place, 24.05.09 update 30.08.09: quiet anchorage during the night, only two bats, but busy and sometimes unconfortable during the noon and afternoon due to the coming and going of big ribs; no space at the shallow small jetties.

25.05.09: Voufalo (N. Evvoia) > Chalkis (N. Evvoia) 28,5 nm, 08H00-14H25.

Chalkis (N.Evia):


Chalkis town sliding bridge passage: only at night at the moment the current is the weakest, go some hours before to Port Police office, tel. 090045930, new office at bridge square, street on the right, small street first on the right, passagetax *18,16 euro IMPORTANT UPDATE 2011: ( source C.A. - Dave Kitson, 26.07.2011 ) the pilot states that this bridge opens at weekends for double the normal fee. This is no longer the case. Apparently as part of the austerity measures, the Greek government has stopped paying overtime to the Port Police at weekends. So, even though they still have to be on duty, they are no longer prepared to open the bridge. It is closed anyway on Fridays so now the only times you can pass are Monday to Thursday nights sometime between 2200 and 0200. Before passing the bridge, you must go to the port police with your documents and pay the fee. For our 10.6M yacht, the fee was €18.77. Note however that the office is no longer at the location shown in the pilot. You now must walk to the bridge and get to the Evia side (if you aren’t there already). Stand with your back to the bridge and walk a very short distance up the road which goes ahead of you. A VERY short distance up, turn 45 degrees to the right up a small alley. The port police entrance is a short distance up the alley on the left; North bound - before our passage: south of the bridge - H with yachtclub,(developping works, 3 new pontoons with W & E, toilet block, showers -YC, gd welcome - finished summer 2009?) quay (free at our passage) -after our passage north of the brige : poss. mooring on the right bank quay, in front of the cafés, just before (S of) the Coastguard boat, we found a very nice restaurant-ouzeri-fishtaverna, the first at the waterside, coming from the harbour, Sto Teloneio, larger town, all shops and SM, all services, Bancomats, @-internetcafé, 25.06.09


View of Chalkis town sliding bridge, from the south side looking to the north

Nehalinnia alongside the Windswept, at the N-quay after the passage of the bridge

update 29.08.09 - South bound passage on our return: we took also the form of our N-going passage (May) with us to the Port Police, what was simplifying the paperwork; same passage fees *18,16; we berthed after the night passage at the S-harbour at one of the already by many small crafts and longstayers occupied new pontoons of the yachtclub/marina, water was already connected but not the electricity; very dark just after the bridge passage and up to the also poor lighted yachtclub/marina; yachtclub & office closed for holidays in full season!. alg. beoord.: middelmatig / appr.gén.: moyen / overal feeling: medium

26.05.09: Chalkis (N. Evvoia) > Limni (N. Evvoia) (26.05-01.06.09), 21,5 nm, 09H35-14H00.

Limni (N.Evia):




nice (small) harbour, some laid moorings, quay, some watertaps (l.m. side), restaurants & tavernas- nice restaurant: The Seven Winds, Odos Demokratias (turn 3th street coming from the harbour, street parall. on the Promenade) tel.22270 32121, cel. 6973 008207, cafés, icebars, all shops, pharm. and SM, Bancomat, @-internet acces point, New Worlds, street behind the main square tel. 2227 0 31275 mob. 6975.555677, poss. usefull Elimnion Tours (Ray McGarry, gd welcome) +30.22270.32600 & 32605 mob. 6936776021 www.elimnion.com,Luxury apartments House Graegos, A.Papageorgiou, tel.+30.2227.0.31117, www.graegos.com e-mail: antjep@otenet.gr; berthing:after information at the coast office we had nothing to pay for our 8,50 m boat; alg. beoord.: mooi en aangenaam rustig / appr.gén.: charmant et agréablement calme / overal feeling:nice and pleasant quiet 26.05.09 update 28.08.09: we were disappointed due the crowd in the harbour and the very noisy night (Greek holidaymakers, very loud music till late in the cafés). alg. beoord.: middelmatig / appr.gén.: moyen / overal feeling: medium

01.06.09: Limni (N. Evvoia) > Loutra Aidipsos (N. Evvoia) 15,6 nm, 09H35-13H00.

Loutra Adhispsou (N.Evia):


small harbour, near the (busy) ferry harbour, alongside at the entrance, 1 watertap at entrance of the harbour, new water & electr. supply-conn. with magn. cards instal. on the quay but still not operating at our pass., restaurants & tavernas, cafés, icebars, Sm and shops, pharm., Bancomat-ATM, asking information about water and electr. at the coast-guard office we had to pay 7,58 euro for 1 day, so don't ask anything here ...is our conclusion !? alg. beoord.: middelmatig / appr.gén.: moyen / overal feeling:medium 02 .06.09

02.06.09: Loutra Aidipsos (N. Evvoia) > Orei (N.Evia) (02-06.06.09) 27,9 nm, 07H20-13H00.

Orei (N.Evia):


nice (rather small) fishing harbour, anker bow or stern to the N-quay, 2 watertaps at the N- quay, free showers at the beach (very close), restaurants & tavernas, cafés, icebars, three Sm one very new large and nice at the SE of the promenade close to the town hall where we could pay with our credit-card, nearest Bancomat-ATM at 6 km!, pharm., fluel station nearby in street opposite to the S-pontoon, minitanker too, gd welcome at the coast-guard office but here we had to pay one time/ one day 6,67 euro ... for 5 days!? alg. beoord.: aangenaam, stop van somige flotillas / appr.gén.: agréable, visité par cert. flotilles / overal feeling:pleasant, flotillas stopping here 03.06.09 update 27.08.09: because we arrived early there was still much space, in the evening no space anymore, for a large part due the illconsidered way of mooring by (meanwhile arrived) Greek small crafts!

09.06.09: Orei (N.Evia) > Hortó (Pagasitikos Kolpos, Chersonisos Magnisias) 20,1 nm, 08H20-13H00 (and Ormos Vathoudi).

Horto (Magnisia peninsula):


the target of our trip, see also information on point 4.9.2; we could anchor moored bow to at the top of the small N-jetty; alg. beoord.: zr aangenaam, rustig en mooi / appr.gén.: très agréable, calme et beau site / overal feeling: very pleasant, quiet and nice place first time: 09.06.09; Summer Meeting in Horto Mt Pelion, every year since 1984, org. the non-profit cultural foundation "G.Angelinis - Pia Hadjinikos", www.horto.net, info@horto.net, music theater dance exhibitions seminars, open-air theater and museum of folk art; we rented a room for two weeks at Hotel Spalatra where we spent so nice holidays in 1992-1993-1994, tel 0030.2423065326, 45 euro/day (while the boat was on a mooring buoy we got from a German sailor we met during his holidays at the Cyclades); see also 4.9.2 Martha's restaurant, (season & W.E. v.gd. quality and service, seaside, & Evochia restaurant (season), near the bridge and the centr. square, v. gd quality, nice cooking and service ( www.nicolaspelion.gr ) also rooms to let in separate building 24230 65296, 6934 624292; other rooms: at Melies house ***, tel.24230 65698, cel. 6976 409560 & 6973 827227, Melies-appartments, http://www.meliespelion.com, app-room with kitchenette, wonderful view on the bay, 50 euro in Merch, 100/120 H.S (update 06.03.09)and Ap. for rent Chouchounikos Sotirios, 24230 54638 &6979427054 & 6957133663; no ATM-BANCOMAT in Horto (you have to go to Argalasti (2) or Lafkos (1), by bus or taxi!) ((updated August 2010)


Ormos Vathoudi, behind Alatas island (Magnisia peninsula):


Horto and Milina, very well sheltered anchorage, see also information on point 4.9.2; alg. beoord.: zr aangenaam, rustig en mooi / appr.gén.: très agréable, calme et beau site / overal feeling: very pleasant, quiet and nice place first time: 10.06.09; we rented a small Toyota car at Milina Holidays-agency George Fleris ( mob.+30.6932391592 www.milina-holidays.com, e-mail: milina@vol.forthnet.gr, at first for 3 days ( Budget car Volos del. at Sunsail-base Milina, north Ormos Vathoudi), we paid 159,40 euro, full insurance-no risk paid, very gd service; later on for 4 weeks we have paid: 495 (2 weeks)+240(3th week) +230 (4th week) + 2nd driver + full insurance =1304,44 euro /our outboard engine problems got a fastsolution/repair at gd and very well-equip.

Nautica-center Konstantinos Vlochos, Asteria Agrias, Volos, close to the cement factory at Agria, tel.2428.0.91700, fax. 2428.0.91500, GSM 6944.393979, www.nautica-center.gr, email: info@nautica-center.gr, open daily wk 0800-1400/ 1700-2100; all o.b. engines but spec. Yamaha, and i.b. Volvo-Penta; many gd fish taverna's around Vathoudi, nice restaurants: one in front of the Sunsail-base, Gibraltar (with studios Marianthi, all the year) gd welcome, English spoken, tel +30.2423.0605033, GSM 6979771369, email: marianthimilina@yahoo.gr.but very crowded by German and Austrian holidaymakers in July & August, so we went many times to Favios taverna at the E corner of the anchorage, or to Lafkos by car; internet: Vodafone mobile internet-2/3G-coverage: very weak signal (or no signal at all ) at Vathoudi ( better at Milina and Hortó ); a few internetcafés at Milina , two with a fast wifi; no ATM-BANCOMAT at Milina (you have to go to Argalasti or Lafkos, by bus or taxi!); Laundry-service: 6934138666 (German-spoken); Taxi Milina: mob. 6974534171 & 6932688971 (16 euro to LAFKOS & return); pharmacy ( gluten-free bead): Apostolos G. LOUPHOPOULOS, Milina, tel.& fax 24230.65715, very good welcome, Engl. spoken. .





We saw and heard ....

SUNSAILBASE MILINA/VATOUDI CLOSED: Due to changes in the Sunsail offer in Greece the base of Milina-Vathoudi is closed since 2014. The pontoons inc. water- and power supplies and showers have been removed.

NEW: A&C YACHTING MILINA: The former managers of the base, Andy and Christine, have started in 2014 their own charter company; they are operating with two boats based in the small harbour of Milina: A&C Yachting Milina ( http://www.ac-yachtingmilina.com ); they provide also technical support, engine repairs, diving works like mooring maintenance etc., and assistance Tel:  +30 2423 065597, Mobile:  +30 693 7262731

MILINA: At the present time limited water and power supplies only in this small harbour.

DEKPA: since 2014, but definitely 2015, DEKPA is required for boats from 7m and not from 10m as it was before ( Coast Guard / Port Police ) 30 euro, one stamp/year; more information see website Cruising Association ( http://www.theca.org.uk/news/greektax )

CRUISING TAX (TPP): despite the law has been voted, the application decrees were not published; the tax is at the present time not due; more information see website Cruising Association ( http://www.theca.org.uk/news/greektax )





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Na een mooie overzomering in Hortó , de terugkeer naar Lefkas Marina eind augustus.

In het fotoalbum De zomer 2009 in Hortó, klik hier.


Après un bel été à Hortó , le retour vers Lefkas Marina à la fin août.

Dans l'album-photos L'été 2009 à Hortó, cliquez ici.


After a nice summer in Hortó, the return to Lefkas Marina at the end of August .

In the photo album The Summer 2009 in Hortó, click here.




Click here to see the pictures of our sailing back to LEFKAS in the photo album



27.08.09: Hortó (Ormos Vathoudi, Chersonisos Magnisias) > Orei (N.EVIA) 21,5 NM, 07H15-11H45.

28.08.09: Orei (N.EVIA) > Limni (N.EVIA) 38,1 NM, 07H15-14H15.

29.08.09: Limni (N.EVIA) > Chalkis (N-side bridge) (N.EVIA) 22,8 NM, 07H15-11H40.

30.08.09: Chalkis (S-side bridge, S-harbour) (N.EVIA) > Voufalo (N.EVIA) 28 NM, 07H15-12H45.

31.08.09: Voufalo (N.EVIA) > Olympic Marina, near Lavrion (mainland, ATTIKA) 37,6 NM, 06H15-13H30.

01- 02.09.09: Olympic Marina, near Lavrion (mainland, ATTIKA).

03.09.09: Olympic Marina, near Lavrion (mainland, ATTIKA) > N. Aeginaina, 37 NM, 07H10-14H30.

04.09.09: N. Aeginaina > Korinthos (Peloponnisos) 27,3 NM, 07H00-13H20.

05.09.09: Korinthos (Peloponnisos) > Korinthos (Peloponnisos) 27,2 NM, 06H50-12H30 (!!!).

08.09.09: Korinthos (Peloponnisos)

10.09.09: Korinthos (Peloponnisos) > Galaxidi 35,8 NM, 06H50-14H00.

15.09.09: Galaxidi

16.09.09: Galaxidi > Messolonghi 50 NM, 06H45-16H30.

19.09.09: Messolonghi

21.09.09: Messolonghi > Vathi (N. Ithaka) 36,6 NM, 08H00-15H45.

22.09.09: Vathi (N. Ithaka) > Lefkas Marina ( N. Lefkada) 26 NM, 09H00-14H30.


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