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Langs de Griekse kusten, van Corfu tot Lefkada en Fiskardo, een overzicht (havens en navigatie)

Le long des côtes grecques, de Corfou à Lefkada et Fiskardo, un aperçu

(ports et navigation)

Along the Greek coasts, from Corfu to Lefkada and Fiskardo, an overview

(harbours and navigation)




The Ionian:13.07.08 SANTA MARIA DI LEUCA (I) > N.KERKYRA (Corfu), Gouvia (Gouvia Marina) 74,2 nm, 05H30-20H00 / 27.07.08 GOUVIA > SAYIADA (Mainland) - very small harbour, 12,2 nm, 10H15-14H45 / 28.07.08 SAYADA > SIVOTA-MOURTOS (Mainland) - "new harbour", 13,7 nm, 08H45-12H15 / 16.07.08 SIVOTA-MOURTOS (Mainland) - anchorage Nisis Ay Nicólaos, Middle bay / 17.08.08 SIVOTA MOURTOS ANCHORAGE > PARGA (Mainland) Ormos Valtou, little fishing harbour, 10,5 nm, 06H45-10H30 / 20.08.08 PARGA ORMOS VALTOU > PREVEZA (Mainland) town quay, 23,5 nm, 07H45-15H15 / 21.08.08 PREVEZA > N.LEFKADA - Lefkas (Lefkas Marina), 6,93 nm, 08H00-11H10 / 06.09.08 LEFKADA > SIVOTA (N. Lefkas) 15,6 nm, 10H00-13H15 / 10.09.08 SIVOTA(N.Lefkas) > N.KEFALLINIA - Fiskárdho, 14,3 nm, 08H30-13H00 / 16.09.08 KEFALLINIA - Fiskárdho > LEFKADA (Lefkas Marina), 29,9 nm, 09H00-15H00

To Hortó, the aim of our project ( the way to the Aegean, Ithaka, the Corinth gulf, the Corinth canal, the Saronic gulf, the coast of Evia, and the Pagasitikos gulf), an overview and notes about cruising and harbours, click here.




Onze havens en ankerplaatsen / Nos ports et mouillages / Our harbours and achorages.

zie ook onze LINKS (havens, tourisme ...) / voir assi nos liens "LINKS" (ports, tourisme...) / see also our LINKS (harbours, tourism ...)

AFKORTINGEN/ ABREVIATIONS/ ABBREVIATIONS - A: ankerplaats/ mouillage/ ankering - M: mooringboeien/ bouées mouillage/ mooringbuoys- P: pleziehaven/port plaisance/harbour - K: verharde wal of kade, met bolders of ringen/quai/quay - S: steiger/ponton/pontoon - C: catway/finger - H: havenmeester, maître du port, harbourmaster - B: betalend (havenmeester, of de verantwoordelijke komt 's avonds langs) / payant (maître du port, ou responsable passant le soir /fees (harbourmaster, or reponsable passing in the evening) - D: douche/shower - WC: toilet(te) - E: electriciteit,électricité, electricity - W: water (WND: niet drinkbaar/non potable/non-drinking) - G: diesel ter plekke/gas-oil sur place/diesel on site - GD: diesel dorp/gas-oil village/diesel village of/ou/or GT nabijheid tankstation/station service à proximité/ service station in the vicinity; GAS: gas, gaz, gas; CH: shipchand. W: werf, chantier, shipyard; YC: jachtclub, yachtingclub; R: restaurant(s;) Sm : supermarkt (of/ou/ou superette) - I: inkopen / détaillants / shopping -@ : internet access point - noodzakelijk: allerlei soorten electrische aansluitingen en dito wateraansluitingen/koppelstukken (soms grote lengten nodig W: 2X25m; E: 80m) / indispensable: jeu de différents raccords électriques, idem pour raccords eau (parfois longueurs importantes W: min.2X25m E:80m) / essential:different kinds of electrical and water connections , big lengths: W min.2X25M E:80m! N - E pendille = laid mooring ( zie / see 5. and Fotoalbum )

* N wij betaalden voor onze 8,50 m x 2,50 m boot : ...... per dag,mog. week/ maandkorting, 40/50 % grote verschillen HS 1/6-30/9 of 31/ 8 en /LS na; F nous avons payé pour notre bateau 8,50 m x 2,50 m ..... par jour,/ poss.réduc. sem./mois , /40/50 % diff. HS 1/6-30/9 ou 31/8 et BS/ E we paid for our boat 8,50 m x 2,50 m ..... day,/ poss.reduc. week/month , /40/50 % diff. HS 1/6-30/9 or 31/8 and LS - ** N douches en toiletten relatief beperkt i.v.t. aantal boten / F ** douches et toilettes assez limitées p.r. nombre de bateaux / E: ** showers and toilets limited t. number boats

Gouvia Marina (Corfu, Kontokali, N. KERKYRA) : VHF 69, tel. +30.26610.91.900, www.medmarinas.com, very good shelter, alg. beoord.: zr goed / appr.gén.: tr. bien / overal feeling: very good, P-Marina (960 yachts) / K-S/ H/ B/ D/ WC/ E/ W/ G/ GAS/ SCH/ SY/ R(several)/ Sm/ Bakery/ newspapers, magazines, sailmagazines / Bancomat/ swimmingpool; Laundryservice (wash: 5 euro, wash & dry: 12 euro); taxis/ seaplane base on marina (noise) / mail & Wi-fi/ Yacht renting/ diver/ Port-Police pontons met pendille, pontons & pendilles, pontoons with laid moorings, (13.07.08); one of the five marina's of the group K&G Med.Marinas; soms showers heated in the winter; *29,75 euro incl.VAT 19% (HS 01.04-30.09, LS:17,85 euro) 6% discount member C.A., or similar.; in the village of Kontokali, nearby, sailmaker, SCH, Sm, restaurants (our favorite: Takis Taverna - Dimitrios Gkerekos - v. gd welcome, glutenfree eating is known); & fishtavernas, bars, car & scooter renting; @ wifi & LAN & 2 pc in hotel street left mainentrance marina; Corfu-city: 6 km; N Paxi: 34 NM Lefkas Marina 65 NM); surroundings not so nice/dirty

Sayiadha: very pleasant small harbour (when flotillas are not on passage!) on the mainland straight E of Corfu-town; free quay (tell the harbour police you're there!), W, =/< 2m bows or stern to ( anchor) or alongside, many tavernas; flotillas; rather dirty surroundings

Sivota-Moúrtos: very pleasant harbour and touristic resort, we try to "over-summer" here for a time; a new harbour is being build; on the old quay W&E, many restaurants, tavernas, shops and two supermarkets; our favorite restaurant gives a very good welcome to sailors: The Blue Coast (www.bluecoast.gr) c&h showers (2 euro) glutenfree eating is known & @ several pc; on the beach: Beach club with showers. Very crowdy in August. Many flotillas and charterboats; alg. beoord.: goed (juli), later matig- (augustus)/ appr.gén.: bien (juillet), moyen- (aoüt) / overal feeling: good (July), medium- (August),

Parga, W-side Ormos Valtou: free, mole & beach anchoring, little fisher harbour, W (1 tap mole, 1 tap beach); E only f. batt.ch.(1 mole, 1 beach); Sm Camping; Sm & I Parga (20'), water taxi to Parga, R on beach ( 1st: o.m. & e. good), many in Parga. Flotillas on visit! Alg. beoord.: matig, mooie site / appr.gén.: moyen, beau site / overal feeling: medium, nice site

Preveza town quay, W taps; "marina" W taps, many local boats, charters and long-stayers; boat papers & fees to harbour autority, Sm, I, good shopping. Flotillas on visit! Alg. beoord.: matig-, erg onrustig en lawaaierig aan de kade (augustus!) appr.gén.: moyen-, très bryant et agité au quai / overal feeling: medium-, noisy and rolling on the quay; * 6,61 euro incl.VAT

Lefkas Marina (N. Levkas) [ Lefkas Marina ] : VHF 69, tel. +30.26450 26645-6, www.medmarinas.com, very good shelter, alg. beoord.: zr goed / appr.gén.: tr. bien / overal feeling: very good, P-Marina (620 yachts, import.chart.cent.)/ K-S/ H/ B/ D/ WC/ E/ W/ G/ GAS/ SCH/ SY/ sailmaker/ R/ Sm/ Bakery/ newspapers, magazines, sailmagazines / swimmingpool (near marinahotel 5 euros); Laundryservice (wash: 10 euros, wash & dry: 15 euros); taxis/ seaplane stop on marina / mail & Wi-fi/ Yacht renting/ diver/ Port-Police / pontons met pendille, pontons & pendilles, pontoons with laid moorings, ; one of the five marina's of the group K&G Med.Marinas, very friendly and perm. stand-by team, very good managed but we had not so good experiences with some secretaries of the recenption office: not very friendly; some shower blocs are heated in winter;in the marina the shipchandler, two bars - one with billiards - and the fittness centre, are open all year and Arteria (dir.Ireni Douvitsa) is a very actif artistic & cultural comm. centr. with theatre, film, dance, music etc.( www.arteria.gr ); in the marina there is also a community-room for the longstayers, and mny activities get organised; Jacky, the marina manager's wife, organises very useful stretching lessons - in English - followed in majority by the ladies of the wintering community and also by in Lefkas permanent living, English speaking people; dist. to Corfu Gouvia Marina 65 NM *29,75 euros incl.VAT 19% (21.07.08)- (HS 01.04-30.09, LS:17,85 euros) 6% discount member C.A., or similar; Stainless steelwork: Marine Steel, for his good work known as Plil the Steel, Nidri, tel. 2645092243; Costs for boat maintenance:Travellift out/in + propping charge + high pressure hull cleaning we paid at the Marina-office 406,05 euro incl.VAT; 2009: the antifouling on the boathull was done by Paleros Yacht service , Marina Lefkadas, tel. 2645029117, e-mail: paleros@otenet.gr, www.pys.gr (Engl. & Dutch spoken) for that work we paid 150,-euros excl VAT, excl the Jotun-paint, for polishing the hull we paid 150,- euros excl.VAT too, we were not unsatisfied but it's important to keep an eye during the works!; they also run thevery the well stocked shop - good service - in the marina; apart-room: during the hardstanding and the works on the boat we rent an apart-room at the Europcar-office: 25,-euros/day (3 days end of March); update 22.09.09: Lefkas Marina: by paying the winterberthing for the coming 6 months we got 15% reduction above the 6% reduction for our Cruising Association membership, so for our boat we paid for the period 22.09.09 - 31.03.10: 1.374,25 euro = 2x 687,13 euros ! update 18.03.10: Lefkas Marina: we paid for the annual berthing in the marina ( 8,50m boat, 01/04/10-31/03/11) 3009,79 euros with free showers ( incl. -17% full payment in advance & -6% member C.A. & 21% VAT -instead 19% before - i.c. in Menton Garavan (F) this should be 4548 euros, with free showers); update 02.04.10: Lefkas Marina: maintenance of toilet and shower blocks is still worser, this was last year already a poor point, il's not improving despite many complaints; update 19.04.10: during the maintenance works on our boat staying on the hard at Lefkas Marina we rent a house at sailor Tony's Delphini villa's in Apolpena: villa Athene ( websitelink, update 2013 ), we pay ( out of season) 40 euros/day (on 10 days base); for hauling out/in we have paid this year 505 euros (Lefkas Marina); update 06.07.10: electrics : Yacht Electrics (check-up/modifications/repair) email:yacht.electrics@gmail.com, mobile 6938569143, Lefkada) we got a very good service.(renewing battery charging system and new batteries); update 01.04.11: Lefkas Marina: we paid for the annual berthing in the marina ( 8,50m boat, 01/04/11-31/03/12) 3075,49 euros ( incl. -17% full payment in advance & -6% member C.A. & 23% VAT instead 19% in 2009 and 21% in 2010) with free showers; update 30.04.11: GRP, epoxy, repairs, underwater hull traitements and passerelle : Ionian Composites-Ionian Glassfibre Repair ( Leslie Wood ) Paleokatouna, Lefkada, TK 31084, GR, tel. 0030.26450 93043, MOB. 0030.6932 966248, email: ioniancomposites@gmail.com, www.ioniancomposites.com our by ShipSupport in Nieuwpoort ( B ) in 2003 treated hull has to be completely redone in 2010-2011 by Leslie Wood: very satisfied ( cfr. Boot / Bateau / Boat ); safety & service: Ionian Marine Safety ( Nikos Stamatakis) all types of safety equipment - sales and service station tel. 0030.26450 25340 MOB. 0030.6941549390 email ioniansafety@hol.gr, www.ionian-marine-safety.com; update 12.06.11: engine maintenance and service: Sivota Yacht Service - Simon MOB.0030.6946580785:

EMERGENCY: fire brigade: 199 ambulance: 166 tourist police: 171

about LEFKADA TOWN, our experiences: in Lefkas town imm. nearby all poss. & services & shopping of a touristic resort, our shop for fruit & vegetables Oporopoleio Agrotopos, Mela 201, at the main-pedestrian street (English, German and Italian spoken), SCH in the pedestrian street, many Sm, restaurants & fishtavernas: our favorite restaurant is the nice Estatorio San Paramythi (Fairytale), on the N-laguna promenade, very close to the Cultural Centre-Museum, a very good card, an exellent price/quality ratio, nice Greek music, extr. clean ) update April 2011: Paramythi is definitively closed!; nice restaurants on the quay: marina side, Paei kairos..., inside old pictures deco, good quality/price ratio, good welcome and service, neg.point a big plasma display sometimes for football!( tel. 26450 24045 )and Frini Sto Moolo, on the quay too, more classic style, quiet , very nice and a little more sophisticated and elaborated cuisine ( 26450 24879 & 6932 569 565 ); north quay: The Old Navy, gd Greek food ;in town: The Lighthouse (only in season): good homemade Greek food, nice in the garden, but touristic and many times busy; **** restaurant Thymari, Pinelopis 19, tel. 0030.26450.22266, evening only, in a nice garden, in our experience the more high standard cuisine, more expensive but very nice, first course 6,5-8,5 euros, main course: 14-25 euros, wine: barrel (very nice part. flavoured) 4,- euros (0.5l), bottle from 17 euros, min. water 1 euro (1l), c/br 1 euro; a lot of bars; @: 2 well epuip. internetcafés(our favorite: Internet cafe at Koutroubi street, gd pr., a lot of pc, LAN conn. on pers. laptop; computerservice, hardware & software Thomas Gligoris (Computerhouse) & Kostas Soldatos (Techno Shop) ; Sakis Zogas' Photonet-Shop, I.Mela 4 Kentriki Plateia, Lefkada, gives very good services; all internat.newspapers and mly Greek bookshop Nikolaou Pan. Tsipimpasi, since 1897, I.Mela 134, tel 2645022329; fine pastries and ice-cream, chocolats: Zacharoplasteia K. Tazi, Iroon Politechneiou 20; our shop for fruit and vegetables: Irakli and Irini, Mela ( ped. street, close to the post office); Bioshop: Bio...Zin (new 2011) biological market, 18th Arist. Valaoritou str., Lefkada, tel.0030.2645021770, email: biozin_lefkada@hotmail.gr ( close to the hospital ); our pharmacy also for glutenfree-products: Alexandros Kolibas, Iroon Politechneiou 9, big pharm. just before the Sm coming from the harbour ; at the dental surgery of George Georgakis and Maria Koutra (DDS Athens, MClinDent London) Lourdou Vyrona 41, tel. 26450-21560, Mob. 6984-601311 we were very well helped - doctor: Dr. Eustathios Andrea Katopodis, Karabela 2, Lefkada, 2645 0 21294 Mob. 6932 793235, English speaking - med. tests: Dr.Antonia Politou, doctor microbiologist, S. Phil. Panagou, 4, Lefkada, 2645 0 26760, Italian & English speaking ; car & scooter renting, our car rental service: Europcar, 16 Panagou str., www.europcar.com, tel. 26450 23581, fax.26450 23282, mob. 694 4585911, e-mail: trvlmate@otenet.gr, we paid for a nice and recent Fiat Punto 15,-+ 2,- euro (100% full ins. suppl.) a day renting min. one month (13 Jan. - 16 March 2009); we rent the car for a second month at the same conditions; later on, for a week at the end of March we paid 20, euro a day; we rent also a room in Lefkada during the hardstanding in March (3 days) and for Olivier in April (9 days), 25,- euro a day; for the villa on the road along the lagoon, 5 days end of April, 30,- euro with a car; we found a gd shop for techn.sportswear Janthi, the outdoor store, Dinos Spiliopoulos, Dairpfeld 19, Lefkada, 26450.22002; Olympic Air (Lefkada) 264502288; update 12.06.11: wash and dry laundry service: take mainstreet pass police office, second street on the left, cheaper than in the marina, 5kg w&dr 10 euros

about the INLAND of Lefkas island - at VAFKERI: **** the restaurant of Alison and Peter, The Katoghi, international & Greek cuisine, very nice and cosy, nice terrace, sit. in the village, 24-32 pl, open the whole year, Mond. clos., tel. 0030 26450 41733, katoghi@hotmail.com; at SIVROS, Stavros' nice sit. café with summerterr., The old watermill; about Lefkas life: http://www.lefkaslife.blogspot.com/

Sivota (N. Levkas) : A & P / very good shelter, alg. beoord.: goed / appr.gén.: bien / overal feeling: good, K/ on the quay; D & laundry (nearby, private, 2 euro & 6 euro) / W autom. 2 euro < 100l / G tank/ GAS/ R/ Sm/ Bakery/ newspapers, magazines / taxis/ Internet - Wi-fi/ several Sm, restaurants & fishtavernas, bars, car & scooter renting; touristic resort, chart. base; very crowded in summer; there is now in the NE corner a floating pontoon B, W, E, laid moorings ( for our boat the day-fees should be 20 euro, 09.09.08)

Fiskárdho (N. Kefallínia) : A & P / good shelter but not excellent, see our logboek, bad weather experience 15.09.08, alg. beoord.: goed / appr.gén.: bien / overal feeling: good, K/ floating pontoon/ D possibility in the village, nearby, private, 5 !!! euro ) / on the floating pontoon E & W magn. key by the shipchandler, normal prices!!! / G tank/ GAS/ R/ Sm/ Bakery/ newspapers, magazines / taxis/ @: Internet - Wi-fi at the agency on the harbour/ several Sm, restaurants & fishtavernas, bars, car & scooter renting; very fashionable little touristic resort " the new St-Tropez", see touristic and people magazines!, very busy and very crowded in season; stop for most charter boats & flottillas, (11.09.08)

To Hortó, the aim of our project ( the way to the Aegean, Ithaka, the Corinth gulf, the Corinth canal, the Saronic gulf, the coast of Evia, and the Pagasitikos gulf), an overview and notes about cruising and harbours.

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